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Portugal showcases innovative industrial products at HANNOVER MESSE 2022

Under the motto Portugal Makes Sense, Portugal Partner Country will be at HANNOVER MESSE 2022 with more than 100 companies of the clusters of Engineered Parts & Solutions, Energy Solutions, Digital Ecosystems and Automation, Motion & Drives. Portugal will attend the MESSE with a strong exhibition presence, reflected in four pavilions: a Central Pavilion in Hall 2, and three Satellite Pavilions in Halls 3, 5 and 13.

Portugal Makes Sense Foto: AICEP E.P.E .

Portugal Makes Sense

Foto: AICEP E.P.E .

Portuguese participation will highlight three areas: Engineered Parts & Solutions with 69 companies at Hall 3, Energy Solutions with 13 companies at Hall 13, and Digital Ecosystems with 15 companies at Hall 5, presenting clusters of technological excellence in the fields of equipment and metalworking, mobility, automotive, aeronautics, textile, technical plastics, moulding, production technologies and renewable energy. Portugal will also be present with 13 companies at Hall 9 for Automation, Motion & Drives.

The country will showcase its competitive advantages to attract scientific, technological, and productive investment, showing that Portugal Makes Sense to invest, develop industrial partnerships, source, expand, triumph, and innovate. Visitors will find multiple opportunities to meet innovative Portuguese companies and invest in the Portuguese industry.

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Portugal will present products and solutions highlighting the technologies used particularly in the areas of green Hydrogen, Smart Cities, Smart Materials, Smart Manufacturing, industrial IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, among others.

The competitiveness of Portuguese industrial companies is based on engineering skills, incorporation of modern technologies, design production and control, handled by highly qualified human resources who can fulfil the needs of demanding markets, with high-quality standards and service excellence.

Foto: AICEP E.P.E.

Foto: AICEP E.P.E.

Why Portugal

In recent years, Portugal has shown to the world its capabilities in the areas of Industry, Trade and Tourism, increasing exports in volume and value, and attracting more and better investment. Despite the obvious effects caused by the pandemic on the world economy and in Portugal, the industry has not stopped, and the country remained open for business. In 2021, the Portuguese economy grew 4.9% according to the Bank of Portugal data.

Today, Portugal is a competitive, innovative, and attractive country, with the 3rd highest rate of Engineers in the EU, a high English proficiency level (ranking 7th in the English Proficiency Index 2020), as well as one of the highest levels of peace and stability (ranking 4th in Global Peace Index 2021 and 10th in Political Stability and Absence of Violence/Terrorism 2020).
Portugal is an international technology centre that is open to foreign investment. Located at the southwestern tip of Europe, Portugal is a strategic crossroads to Africa and the Americas and features great quality of life, excellent infrastructure, and high levels of security, political stability, and sustainability. More than 550 German companies operate in Portugal, where they find a well-educated, multi-lingual workforce of problem solvers who have an appetite for innovation in engineering and research.

Portugal’s excellent infrastructures, telecommunications, and quality of life attract visitors and companies from all over the world. The production of Portuguese goods is characterised by their quality, authenticity, and exclusivity, which is why they are highly sought after by well-renowned international customers.
With almost nine centuries of history, Portugal is also a sophisticated and forward-looking country where sustainability is a priority and an industry concern.

Foto: AICEP E.P.E.

Foto: AICEP E.P.E.

Did you know?

• Portugal has the 3rd highest rate of engineering graduates in Europe.
• Portugal has become the largest software development hub for the German automotive industry outside Germany.
• In 2021, 59% of electricity consumption in Portugal was supplied by renewable energy.
• Metallurgical and mechanical products and automotive components represent more than 30% of Portuguese total exports.
• Portugal is the 3rd best country for expats.

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