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Sabrina Mark
People Management
HR Manager

+49 152 08679726

  • Mitarbeiter gesamt (m/w/d)
  • davon Ingenieure (m/w/d) ca. 85 %
  • Mitarbeiter in D (m/w/d) 80
  • davon Ingenieure (m/w/d) ca. 85 %



Automotive – Autonomous Driving, IT/ Software Engineering/ADAS & AD

Personalbedarf (m/w/d)

Zu besetzende Positionen (m/w/d)

  • Lidar System Experts,
  • Radar System Experts,
  • Deep Learning Engineers,
  • Software Architects,
  • Business Manager,
  • Workshop foreman/master for ADAS/AD,
  • System Test Engineers,
  • Software Developers Embedded C++,
  • Senior Algorithm Engineers Sensor Fusion,
  • Holistic verification engineer in control systems (AD/ADAS/Test),
  • Verification Engineer for Generic/Support Functions (ADAS/AD Test), HR internship,
  • Verification Engineer for Generic/Support Functions (ADAS/AD Test)

Gewünschte Bewerberqualifikation / Bewerberprofil (m/w/d)

Work experience in Software Engineering, Software Test Engineering, AD/ADAS, Matlab, Computer Science, Robotics, Signal processing, software development,  workshop mechanic for measurement equipment in ADAS/AD We are working in a truly agile environment so you must have solid communication and team working skills  together with an ability to mentor other team members on agile methodology and principles.